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Crayola Take Note Washable...

Crayola Take Note Washable Gel Pens Ombre 4 Count

AED 36.75 Price
Crayola Take Note Ombre Washable Gel Pens go from light to dark in a click! Each of the 4 Gel Pens in this set features 3 different shades so you can create gradient, shading effects with just one pen! Add ombre effects in journals, notebooks or any writing projects. And the inks wash clean from skin and clothing so there’s no worry. Take Note items are fun and functional note-taking supplies that are perfect for classroom, office, and more. Ideal for teens & adults.
Crayola 4Ct. Iridescent...

Crayola 4Ct. Iridescent Gel Pens

AED 36.75 Price

Crayola Take Note Iridescent Gel Pens write smooth with 2-in1 color laydown! Each Gel Pen offers shimmery, shifting shades of color that look different on light or dark paper! They’re perfect for note taking, bullet journaling, or doodling. Iridescent Gel Pens make great writing tools for teens and adults. Ideal for the classroom, the officeâ€â€anywhere you write!