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Quran Portable Speaker With...

Quran Portable Speaker With Led Lamp White

AED 108.15 Price
LED Speaker Quran Lamp is a product for Muslims using, which is with double function | Lamp with full recitation of The Noble Quran, using remote control to select Quranic audio and listen to the Quran with voice | With LED Speaker Quran Lamp in the room is a way to learn Quran with your family | Equipped with HD speaker, the sound and the voice is beautiful | Playing any Quran surah by pressing button on remote
Quran Speaker With Led Lamp...

Quran Speaker With Led Lamp White

AED 108.15 Price
Great means to understand the teachings of the Quran | Designed for high-power handling and excellent performance | Made of high-quality materials for durability | Support the entire chapter of the scripture, or play the entire page | There are three speeds for speech rate: fast, slow, normal speech rate. The speaker has an automatic sleep function | Table lamp with classic white design, soft lamp light take you into sweet dreamland | The portable Bluetooth speaker alarm clock is with High power woofer , Unique Bass technology, you will enjoy amazing sound | Latest technology among all other speakers, with high quality speaker and voices of the best Imams from around the world
Compact Portable Bluetooth...

Compact Portable Bluetooth Speaker White

AED 99.75 Price
Super strong neodymium magnets help to create an incredible speaker with powerful and clear sound | Speaker can play upto 6 hours music without interruption | Scientifically designed parametric mesh cover allows sound to pass through virtually unaffected | Built-in microphone allows you to receive incoming calls without having to access your phone | Fast and reliable technology powerfully combats signal interference and allows you to easily connect with your device
Touch Lamp Portable Quran...

Touch Lamp Portable Quran Speaker Gold White

AED 70.35 Price
Small size and portable, easy to carry | Made with high technology | Convenient to use with BT connection and the remote to control the speaker and enjoy listening | Using the remote to control brightness of lamp | Playing MP3 audio, support any audio MP3 files.
Quran LED Lamp with Speaker...

Quran LED Lamp with Speaker White

AED 50.40 Price
Delivers a powerful sound and deep bass to enhance your music experience | Innovative connectivity lets you stream audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices as well | Outfitted with controls on the device for enhanced functionality
Quran LED Lamp Bluetooth...

Quran LED Lamp Bluetooth Speaker With Remote White Gold

AED 70.35 Price
Inbuilt lamp raises the style quotient of your home in no time | Delivers a powerful and crisp sound that allows you to hear every beat of the song | Easily connects to devices via Bluetooth and gives you complete flexibility | Lightweight nature facilitates easy portability | Beautifully designed to suit the theme of your house
Flip 5 Portable Bluetooth...

Flip 5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Grey

AED 344.40 Price
Bring your world to life with powerful jbl pure bass sound | Bluetooth v4.2 consumes less power and offers a longer operating range | Flip 5 gives you up to 12 hours of playtime | Flip 5's all new racetrack-shaped driver delivers high output