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Litters & Housebreaking

Litters & Housebreaking

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Lindocat LindoCat Essential...

Lindocat LindoCat Essential 20 L

AED 66.00 Price

Lindocat Essential is a litter is made from 100% Urasite, a natural clay with enhanced liquid and odour absorption properties. The particular lamellar structure of this mineral means that bacteria, the main cause of bad odours, are rapidly encapsulated and neutralized. Natural product not chemically treated. Ultra-absorbent: rapid and effective absorption of fluids. Stop bad odours: neutralizes bad odours, keeping the surrounding area more hygienic. Easy to manage, 100% natural: made of clay mineral with natural absorption capacity. Free of chemical treatments.

Lindocat White Bentonite...

Lindocat White Bentonite Natural White 15 L Fragrance Free

AED 88.00 Price
Lindocat Natural White is a first class performance clumping cat litter. Made of 100% premium pure white bentonite, it has excellent clumping, absorption and odour retention properties. The white colour of the litter granules makes it easy to keep an eye on the cats health as changes in the colour of the urine can be detected immediately. Its fragrance-free formula makes Lindocat Natural White the ideal litter for cats with a particularly sensitive sense of smell. Long-lasting: a top performance litter: 15 litres last 75 days. No dust: low-dust content formula, does not track. 100% natural: made of naturally absorbent mineral clay. Clumping: fast, high performance clumping.
Lindocat LindoCat Crystal...

Lindocat LindoCat Crystal Lavender Scent silicagel 16 L

AED 114.00 Price
Lindocat Crystal Lavender is a hygienic litter comprised of fine crystals of silica gel, a hypoallergenic material which is harmless to cats and is outstanding for its absorption of liquids and odors. Lindocat Crystal Lavender dries solid waste, thus facilitating its removal. The crystals quickly trap and retain urine, blocking the growth of bacteria and unpleasant odors, while releasing a pleasant scent of lavender. Lindocat Crystal Lavender is light-weight to carry, does not develop dust and does not stick to cats paws.