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API Algaefix 1.25 OZ

API Algaefix 1.25 OZ

AED 17.00 Price
Contains one (1) API ALGAEFIX Algae Control 1.25-Ounce Bottle Controls algae growth and keeps aquarium glass, ornaments and plants clean Fast-acting and effective on "green water" algae blooms, string or hair algae Will not harm fish and plants when used as directed Dose every three days until algae is under control then dose weekly
API Freshwater Aquarium...

API Freshwater Aquarium Salt 33 OZ

AED 32.00 Price
API AQUARIUM SALT is made from evaporated sea salt and is a must-have for your aquarium! AQUARIUM SALT promotes fish health by improving gill function, making it easier for fish to breathe. It also provides essential electrolytes that fish need to reach peak coloration and vitality. These electrolytes may be lost each time you perform a partial water change, and will need to be replenished. Use API AQUARIUM SALT in freshwater aquarium tanks when starting a new aquarium, and any time you perform a water change. Care should be taken when using salt in aquariums with live plants, as some plants may be sensitive.
API CO2 Booster 8 OZ

API CO2 Booster 8 OZ

AED 40.01 Price
Carbon deficiency is one of the leading causes of poor plant growth in aquariums. API CO2 BOOSTER product adds essential liquid carbon for planted aquariums to fuel the photosynthetic process and turn light energy into new plant growth. API CO2 BOOSTER product supplies simple carbon compounds, and slowly releases CO2 to aquarium plants. Product may be used alone, or in conjunction with CO2 systems. Safe for use with freshwater fish, and will not alter pH.
API Root Tabs Aquarium...

API Root Tabs Aquarium Plant Fertilizer 10 count

AED 38.00 Price
API ROOT TABS plant fertilizer promotes lush growth of aquarium plants with ingredients such as iron, potassium, and carbon that help develop strong roots and promote vibrant growth. Without proper fertilization, aquarium plants gradually yellow, drop their leaves, and die. API ROOT TABS plant fertilizer are formulated to supply key nutrients to help new aquatic plants grow and keep established plants flourishing. These nutrients are consumed over time in the aquarium, and must be replenished for plants to thrive. API ROOT TABS plant fertilizer are safe for use with tropical fish, and may be used in conjunction with a liquid fertilizer for optimal aquatic plant growth.
API Quick Start 16 OZ

API Quick Start 16 OZ

AED 84.00 Price
API QUICK START nitrifying bacteria allows for the instant addition of fish, as it immediately starts the natural aquarium cycle with beneficial bacteria, which converts toxic ammonia into nitrite, then into harmless nitrate to help prevent fish loss in your tank. Best for use when starting a new aquarium, after water changes and filter changes, and when adding new fish to an existing aquarium. API QUICK START nitrifying bacteria may be used in both fresh and saltwater aquariums.
API Aquarium Start Up Pack...

API Aquarium Start Up Pack of 2

AED 20.00 Price
API AQUARIUM START UP PACK contains two helpful treatments to make your water safe and livable for fish before adding them to your aquarium. AQUARIUM START UP PACK contains API STRESS COAT water conditioner and API QUICK START nitrifying bacteria to dechlorinate tap water and kick start the natural aquarium cycle. For use when changing water or adding fish for the first time. After dosing with these two products, your tank will be safe for your fish!
API Tap Water Conditioner...

API Tap Water Conditioner 16 OZ

AED 38.00 Price

Contains one (1) API TAP WATER CONDITIONER Aquarium Water Conditioner 16 Ounce Bottle Neutralizes chlorine, chloramines and other chemicals to make tap water safe for fish Prevents tap water chemicals from causing gill destruction, tissue irritation and fish death Super strength, high concentration formula Use when adding or changing water and when adding new fish to freshwater and saler aquariums