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Memory Cards

Memory Cards

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Extreme Cf 120Mbs 85Mbs...

Extreme Cf 120Mbs 85Mbs Write Udma7 64 Gb

AED 185.85 Price
The amount of capacity you need depends on the types of files you have, how big they are, and how many there are. | Extreme transfer speed to move data from the card to computer at up to 160MB/s (1067X) read speed | Video Performance Guarantee- 65 (VPG-65) specification allowing Full HD video and 4K cinema quality video1 performance with minimum sustained write speed of 65MB/sec | Writeable label for easy identification and organization ; Compatible with host devices that support Compact Flash | The Power Core controller's firmware algorithms through wear leveling enhance endurance of card by moving the data efficiently across the memory card