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UrbanGabru Hair Removal Spray Remove Body Hair in 10 Minutes Painless Body Hair Removal Cream for Chest, Back, Legs, Underarms and Intimate Area 200ml

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  • Painless solution this hair removal spray is a painless solution, it doesn't cause any pain, burning sensation, or even itching.
  • Instant results no need to put effort into all that body hair removal. All you need to do is spray and within minutes this urbangabru hair removal spray will show effective results.
  • Easy to use this urbangabru instant hair removal spray is very easy to use, all you need to do is just spray, wait for 10 minutes and then clear the hair in the opposite direction, under running water. In case you have hard hair growth then wait for a few more minutes and then remove them with lukewarm water. That's it, you are done.
  • Leaves no under rooted hair while shaving we often get under roots that later cause itchiness or a thorny texture but this hair removal spray is different. All you will get is smooth and clear skin.
  • Important tip before using, spray on a small area and wait for 24 hours. This medical test is necessary to avoid any skin allergies. In case of any itching or burning sensation, wash it off and do not use it. Also, spray away from the face.

UrbanGabru Hair Removal Spray is specially innovated to help you remove unwanted body hair in a painless way. It is made with natural ingredients like aloe vera and lemon extracts so it is safe for use. You don’t have to undergo the pain of waxing or deal with those shaving cuts anymore. Just use this hair removal spray to spray the hair away in a painless way. When you are about to take a shower, wet your body and spray it. Wait for 10 to 12 minutes and let this hair removal spray do its job. Use a spatula to remove hair in the opposite direction of hair growth, under running water. You will see that in minutes all that bush will be gone.


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